Jack & Jill Includes:

Six (6) Hours including set up and tear-down

Traditionally the goal of the Jack & Jill is to raise money for the new couple sure, however I view the Jack & Jill and a chance to get those family and friends together that unfortunately may not be able to make it to the big day. I have notice that some people come to support you and your big day but have a great time just catching up with people they haven't seen in a while.


I personally get very involved, and encourage playing of all the games and raffles,and do my best to make sure that people are moving, getting involved, and having a great time, but sometimes that's not why people are there.


A wide variety of music would be played at a comfortable level while the games, raffles, activities are happening all the while a big screen (TV or Projection) will show video of the songs played as well to ensure even those not doing the activities or games are staying engaged.

At a predetermined point in the night we can wrap up the activities and open the dance floor and carry on the rest of the night with a party atmosphere.

Other things that may be included in the night include things like speeches, thank you's, and spot dances..


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