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Description of Service:

Consulting is for couples, companies or individuals who need help getting started or who have hit a road-block in their event planning. Consulting can be a one-time meeting or an on-going service.  A normal session takes 2 hours and includes a telephone consultation prior to meeting in person.


  • $100 for first hour $50 each additional hour.

*** Please Call As We Can Make Arrangements***

The Responsibility Of The Planner

Description of Service:

Typically, scheduling time with planners is a meeting to:

  • Understand the events—not just for  (a), brides: the wedding day itself, but also the rehearsal dinner, bridesmaid teas, day-after brunches, and any other related events. Or (b) Corporate: not only looking after the timeline the day of the event, but organizing any and all special guests/speakers/presenters, communicating with everyone to have everyone in order and on time, taking care of any dignitaries and their special requests. Or (c) Private: this can be especially challenging if this event is a surprise, organizing everything within a choppy timeframe to keep things quiet is an art....

  • Review the overall budget

  • Understand the style, colors, theme, and taste of the couple/event

  • Discuss progress to date


The planner then proposes the help needed and presents the couple/organizer with a contract for the event planning services. Probably the services will be a combination of duties, depending on your needs and budget. Here are the most common services offered.

Things To Watch Out For When Choosing A Planner

  • First and foremost, you need a event  planner who is easy to contact and responsive to your needs. If the planner doesn't return your calls promptly or doesn't seem organized, look elsewhere.

  • Beware of event planners who are getting kickbacks for recommending a certain vendor. Make sure you are hearing about vendors who are right for you and not just those who have a hand in the event planner's pocket.

  • Make sure that you like the planner's taste and style. You want your big day to look like you, not like your event planner.

  • Like any vendor, you'll want to have a clear contract with your event planner that spells out duties, costs, expenses, deposits, and payment schedules. Make sure there are clauses that spell out how increased duties and costs will be negotiated, and what happens if the planner fails to meet obligations or you want to cancel the contract.

These are signs that the planner is not going to meet your needs:

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